Challenging Contexts

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In this introductory video we will start by thinking about what motivated you to work in challenging contexts where people have often experienced multiple and severe disadvantage, and why this kind of work can be particularly challenging.

So what motivates us to work in challenging contexts? 

There will be personal reasons for all of us - we will briefly look at some of the common driving forces in this video. For example:

  • People may have had personal experiences and contact with services themselves which provides unique skills in helping others in similar situations – they may be motivated to try and address some of the challenges within the system that they observe
  • For some people there might be experiences or dynamics within their family of origin that drive them to care for others for example – some people feel comfortable (and are skilled) in taking the ‘helper’ role 
  • Often people are driven by a strong set of values that seek to address injustice and inequality – a sense of wanting to contribute to society positively

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